Intro [ADH] Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah

Verse 1
Numb to the pain, numb to failure
Give none to the frauds
Cause frauds won’t bail ya
The streets is watching question is who watching for ya
Wanna break the chains off
And the fakes won’t do nothin for ya
Product of my own lil town
Straight from the borough of the crown
Dey call the mecca
Husseins like uday
Some Foolagins ruthless
Zero fucks given when ya roofless
The proof in the puddin and ya proof less
Foolish humans that doubted
I find it amusing
Quick to ride n Park for amusement
Tryna right my wrongs a lucky lefty
Prodigy kiddo praise benji
Had plenty cats try to get the best me
But when u real as shit you see through the fake
Homie a’s telepathy
Walabok !

Chorus x2
It’s all about drug dealin in the ghetto oh yeah)
It’s still thug livin in the ghetto (oh)
You can’t see no change in your ghetto
And it’s the same in my ghetto ghetto (alright)

Verse 2 [Elzo]

Ghetto town ghetto kaaw ghetto states ghetto oundou

Ghetto dale dangay ree beu naw be legui ken moussoul degg ben ghetto sourr

Gni ghetto yakkh gni ghetto mour

Gni ghetto shot gni ghetto soule

Bedo crack bourler metro boum yi takk menottes yakkh avenir ghetto youth

Bo setlo kou eksi Babylone reuthiou ko
Kou se yakaar dow nga takk bone kheuthie ko
Pour fatté sey blem fok nga yek beu tchi kow teup def veup te be legui reuthieugo

Dadialé ay gayne yo doul seddol touss
Daadji sey wine in the peto goukh
Bo beugué weto dougg tchi benn reseau woute ben melo boye yobou teudd se tel-ho cool

Génération y film x dounde lifou mbedd ak sair
Guiss na niou wekh der wekh beugn nioule khole leundeum kourouss welcome to the dark side
Yakkh neniou souniou khel legaliser tchi ay crimes
Tele bi nakh ne niou yagg ne clip yi takh ne niou normaliser aye frime

Paris beu hollygrove limeu guiss takh ne semey beut gueuneu bone
Africa ak Babylone founé Etat bi ming niouy nakh ni ay bb legn
Paris beu hollygrove limeu guiss takh ne semey beut gueuneu bone
Seutou diam ya ngui diemeu dounde city life deukkou gni takk sene aye mame Gorée yobou lene

Chorus x2

Oh ghetto ghetto Oh, oh ghetto ghetto oh x8

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