These drugs just lead us at least to destruction
Han hey yo

Verse 1
There’s no introduction to the introduction
Dod is to praise with no limit notion
I ain’t trynna diss anybody (no)
Homie I ain’t trynna please anynody neither
If you understand me you can be my lover
I might be your brother if I need to be another one except Free E
I’m a peace maker
Touring got me becoming a cheese taker
My flow took me where I am now
And my country love got me empowered
Last destination is my first dedication
God bad reputation cause I’m free no mason
Let me explain Heaven is my priority
Money success, that’s just human liar theory
Jah soldier, only Him can let me rest in peace
The way He freed my ancestors in the West Indies


I spent my whole life trynna tell’em what they ignore
But I got disappointed cause I had plans galore
My generation got lost in the trap they implored
Got disappointed cause I had friends galore
Lost times we be makin up for (x 4)


Verse 2
I’m funky punchin on a base line
Muhamad Ali and Aston Barrett
No more blood when it’s game time
So the J sign be my gang sign !
I do it for Mommy and Poppy and Wifey my lover my daughter my sisters my brothers
My homies cause I am dem lawyer
I’m from a loyalty corner my team is my honor
My family over that fame that’s my old world order
Unity over the game and we don’t want no border
In Africa I’m still hearing people talkin “400 years”
Slavery has not ended up ain’t nothing funny here!
Got rage but I’m keepin Jah faith
Rather be Jah slave finna do what Jah said
I can tell you why they trynna conquer my place
Cause only wealth rules and it’s not about race
May I stay humble til my last day
Prayin not to take part in that rat race
By the way Mister Thier is a peace maker
Selling beats got him turnin to a cheese taker

Chorus x 2

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